Innovative Healthy Living Campaign For Elderly

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July 8, 2016
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Innovative Healthy Living Campaign For Elderly

As you grow older, your body becomes more susceptible to different forms of ailments compared to when you were younger. This might be physical as well as mental. With the number of senior citizens increasing steadily, it is important for the public to find different ways to help the elders become more aware of maintaining physical and mental health as they continue aging. In fact, most seniors find themselves in situations where they are left to fend for themselves as their children are too busy with their daily lives to give them further thought. Some organizations like have come together to create an awareness campaign targeted at the elderly to help arm them with information on how to remain healthy and happy.

Tips Imparted At The Campaign
The seniors were introduced to some simple tips that are easy to implement in their daily routines to keep certain health ailments at bay. Here are a few of them:

  • Regular exercise can help keep the limbs flexible and increase body strength at the same time. Bones tend to become more fragile when people grow older. This is one of the reasons why elders were introduced to simple forms of exercises to reduce the risk of bone breakage.
  • Teaching them how to include calcium rich food in their daily diet to keep their bones strong and healthy.
  • When people start growing older, many of them experience a change in their eye sight. This needs to be corrected with the help of lenses prescribed by doctors after regular eye checkups. The organization is planning on conducting eye camps once every three months
  • Additionally, decluttering homes regularly is a good idea to avoid tripping over and falling. Most accident among the elderly occurs by tripping.
  • The idea of non-slip shoes were introduced to the elderly as a way to counter falling while walking on slippery surfaces.

Dietary Regulations In Old Age
By the time one crosses the age of 40, you will notice that most people are put under dietary restrictions by doctors due to diseases cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid, high blood pressure and so on. However, as people grow older, they tend to become lazier about their diet. The campaign conducted by stressed the importance of following a proper diet especially when one grows older. It is interesting to note that elderly folks who have taken good care of their diet to date, seem to more healthier than their counterparts. Henceforth is its necessary to regulate their diet according to any health concern they might be ailing from.

Using Technology To Maintain Health
The campaign placed particular importance on educating the elderly on keeping a check on their health using health monitoring electronic devices like Blood Glucose Monitor, Blood Pressure Monitor and so on, These devices can be used easily by the senior citizens and help them keep an eye on their health.

Being Socially Active
As people grow older, they tend to confine themselves to their homes and reduce social interactions. According to the experts, this causes depression and is not considered a healthy practice. The campaign by has initiated the setting up of regular clubs to help senior citizens find other similar people in their locality. A short morning walk in a nearby park can do wonders to the mental health and assist them to keep a healthy outlook towards life.

Benefits Offered By Massage
The elderly often suffer from different aches and pains that does not seem to go away with any treatment. According to the top doctors, massages have been seen to improve the overall health as well as help with the pains that seem to accompany old age. Interestingly, different types of massages have become all over the world. Each massage offers something unique to the client. However, the elderly can opt for a simple massage that involves gentle kneading, stroking and applying light pressure at certain points of the body. This kind of massage helps promote better lubrication of the joints as well as offer pain relief.

Regular sessions of Swedish Body Massage from a professional spa like Riverday Spa, Chennai can help the elderly age gracefully and offer some relief from the various problems brought on by aging. According to the yesteryear celebrities, one can retain one’s youthful grace by taking good care of the body. The campaign by is devoted to helping the elderly find different ways to preserve their health as well enjoy their old age with innovative methods.

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