Our Team

Spencer Business Association sees unity as the end to fulfilling human efforts. We are an Indian based business Association actively involved in startups and small business community. We are a non-profit organization striving hard to achieve our professional goals. Spencer Business Association is proud to offer support programs to our members coming from varied business environment. We provide programs to help our members to grow in their area of specialization. Our focus is on different business areas like education, lifestyle, hospitality, health and more.

Spencer Business Association works in close association with professional and government organizations in the country to lobby for various schemes for the welfare of promoting the best business environment. We are associated with small business and startups to provide resources for them to excel and succeed in their operations. We are looked upon for leadership guidance, support, direction and business acumen. We are committed to the business community and owe our growth to them.

Spencer Business Association is a growing community striving to build business communications and public relations to strengthen professional advancement and establish global leadership. Over the years we have turned into the standard business communicators particularly for the press and the media. We seek new strategies to enrich our member services. Our goal is to create cohesion between the business groups and the society. We continuously measure our effectiveness to deliver professionalism in all our transactions. We are dedicated to strengthening our alliance with various business communities to position us as a worldwide brand.