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Spencer Business Association is the voice of Indian business marketplace. We are a nonprofit organization who work in close coordination with stakeholders. Our aim is to monitor the changes happening in the industry. We encourage and support our members to adopt best practice to garner customer satisfaction. On our website you can find information related to the current trends in the industries, their ratings, mentoring, emergence of startups and more.

Our website educates and identifies the trends in the marketplace. Here you can learn more about Indian industry environment and economy. Our website is a platform for businesses to connect and interact. You can find industry mentors, investors, media and women entrepreneurs making a beeline to our website.


Growing Networks of Customers and Clients - How?

No business can thrive without customers. Developing a strong customer base is the key to business growth. It only makes sense to focus on target audience – finding them and retaining them, which is an art best mastered through innovative strategies. Retaining your customers and expanding your clientele can be accomplished by offering great services. Personalization facilitates understanding customer needs. It helps to match products and services to customer requirements. Feedbacks play a pivotal role in evaluating customer satisfaction. People are often enticed by other businesses, therefore provide them with an opportunity they cannot resist.


Business And Consumer Market in India

It just takes an idea to change your lives. What startups are doing in India is just the tip of the iceberg; there is more in the offering. To reach to the top, all they do is work hard, think out-of-the-box and take risks. The startup stories have become an inspiration for many youngsters who want to excel in their field of work and want to prove to the world that sky's the limit. Some of the best known Indian startup stories can keep you motivated and inspire your journey. Many have made it to the top of the pyramid from the bottom of the ten slices. It took nothing but struggle to reach up there and they well deserve the position.

Several factors influence every business and every activity in India. There is heavy competition in various sectors and fields. The market behaves turbulent in recent years, and thus a workable strategy should be implemented to survive in this market. Technology, socioeconomic factors, the income of the households, the availability of resources and several others mainly attribute to the change in the market scenario of India.

The increase in the resources available in India has made the experts predict that India would become the third largest consumer market of the world by 2025. A Boston Consulting Group (BCG) performed an analysis of the future trends of the Indian market. The group predicted that there would be an increase in the consumption expenditure and it is expected to reach $ 4 trillion by 2025.

Rise To Success From Small Towns - Indian Startup Stories That Every Citizen Should Know! If you are looking for some inspiring tales of ordinary people who had won against all the odds and emerged victorious, then you have landed on the right page! Just because you are born poor doesn't mean that you will die poor. A strong will, determination and confidence to prove everyone wrong can take you places.

The consumer market exhibits change, and consumer expenditure is experiencing an increase in past years. There is a steady development in the GDP along with the consumer expenditure, and it is said to increase by 1% every year. Thus India will soon become the third largest consumer market by 2025. The increase in the availability of resources has led to the rise of consumption.