Evaluation and exams

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Evaluation and exams

The work submitted by students is assessed by the International Baccalaureate® (IB) through the IB assessment modules as direct evidence of success in relation to the stated objectives of the Diploma Program (DP) courses.

The following are some examples of goals that can be measured by the DP assessment processes to determine whether students have reached the desired level of academic proficiency:

  • Process data and put it into presentation form
  • Analyze and create arguments, as well as find inventive solutions to problems.
  • In addition, fundamental skills such as the following are evaluated:
  • Retain knowledge, understand important concepts, and use established procedures.

Besides academic skills, the Diploma Program encourages students to have a global perspective and develop intercultural skills wherever it is relevant to do so. It is not where each student ranks in the overall rank order that determines their results, but how well they do against the criteria that have been set.

Use internal and external evaluation methods.
In the Diploma Program (DP), the IB employs both external and internal forms of assessment.

  • External evaluation

In most classes, students are evaluated primarily based on their performance on exams. This is as a direct result of the high degrees of objectivity and reliability that they possess.

They are the following:
Essays, organized problems, short answer questions, data response questions, text response questions, case study questions, multiple choice questions, although these are rarely used.

  • Evaluation carried out inside

Additionally, students are graded by their instructors in most of their classes. These are the following:

Work done verbally in multiple languages, Inquiries in mathematics, Artistic representations, fieldwork in geography, science laboratory work, laboratory work in geography, artistic representations.

Request for Copies of Diplomas and Transcripts from the DP
Diploma Program (DP) students obtain an official transcript of their International Baccalaureate® (IB) qualifications. Before the release of the IB assessment results, students have the opportunity to submit a request to have their test scores sent to up to six different universities free of charge, besides submitting a request to pay for additional transcripts.

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