Five Leading E-Commerce Websites in India

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August 16, 2018
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Five Leading E-Commerce Websites in India

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Online shopping is getting popular day by day. It has become a trend for people to shop online from their home or office. There are several e-commerce websites popular in India such as Amazon, Jabong, Flipkart, Lenskart and much more. Digital SEO Company has briefly compared and analyzed the services and products offered the top e-commerce websites in India. Let us have a look at the comparison in the following blog.

1. Flipkart

It is one of the top and leading e-commerce sites in India. At present, it occupies the second position when it comes to website popularity. Flipkart overtakes Amazon by the pushing app transactions. It is finding a bit hard to lead the industry as Amazon is moving and making business in full fledge. Flipkart offers a great range of products for all age groups. It offers numerous choices and size ranges to select and purchasing correctly. Most people have an opinion that they may purchase wrong size online. But when you land at Flipkart, you have an easy exchange option.

2. Amazon

Amazon is occupying the first rank in e-commerce business in India. It has managed to overtake its competitors by offering various attractive features to customers. Timely delivery, round the clock customer service and easy payment options, attracts customers more and more. Recently, Amazon has also launched zero percentage EMI on various products. It has become a major hit in the market. People have started to purchase electronic appliances and other technology gadgets via Amazon due to this irresistible feature. Though Amazon launched in India after the entry of Flipkart, it has managed to occupy its top position in a quick time.

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3. Snapdeal

Snapdeal occupies the third position in India. It is an excellent e-commerce website with a simple interface. The customers can easily search and shop without any difficulty. It is a technology platform that unites several buyers and sellers. It acts more than a normal e-commerce site. As massive leads and mega-budget companies like Amazon and Flipkart are occupying the first two position, Snapdeal has somehow managed to occupy the third rank in the e-commerce race.

4. Myntra

It is the largest lifestyle and fashion online shopping website in India. Myntra is popular for fabulous collections of footwear, accessories, and clothing of various brands. At Myntra, you can purchase from various premium brands as well as fast-growing brands in India. It concentrates on selling fashionable brands to its customers. It has created a brand in the e-commerce territory by its exclusive collections. Moreover, it also offers cash on delivery option, discounts and other attractive features to customers. It comes with a well-planned guide to the latest style and every fashion trends. If you wish to purchase trendy and fashionable clothes, Myntra would definitely impress you within a few minutes of visiting the website.

5. Jabong

Jabong has gained attention among consumers within seven months of its launch. The company sells products from its own stock as well as displays stocks from other sellers. You can browse and purchase from a wide range of stock and catalog just from your mobile phone or desktop or laptop.


  1. Nirmal says:

    Companies in the e-commerce world have to make sure that their online marketing strategy is indeed one of the best if they want to have the edge over their competitors Therefore, many companies in e-commerce are looking at different and unique marketing strategies.

  2. Michael says:

    With most businesses getting online, people visit websites such as Amazon and Flipkart to do their shopping. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that e-commerce has made a significant impact on the lives of people when it comes to day to day activities like shopping.

  3. Minu says:

    In today’s worldwide economy, where commerce and trade take place between countries, goods have to be transported from one place to another, and often it may require storage for a certain amount of time. With the advent of e-commerce, businesses have moved online and are making themselves more and more accessible to people anytime anywhere.

  4. Chithu says:

    A well-known player in this ecommerce market is Flipkart. Even markets such as the wedding markets are becomingly a part of the online scenario. The forecast for the future is that this market for ecommerce is set to get more and more prominent.

  5. Dharma says:

    As far as India is concerned, other factors that have affected the online market and e-commerce is the demonetization in India which has led to the digital mode of payment, making it a lot easier than before. An increasing trend in the number of online shoppers is expected in the future.

  6. Devanesan says:

    “It is a nice write up. It is informative and rankings are exact. I am a fan of Flipkart and Amazon online shop. After reading this blog, I was able to compare and find out the differences between each online stores.

  7. Mani says:

    Both Flipkart and Amazon are doing a great job these years. It is nice to associate with these online businesses as a client and also a seller. As there are lot of interesting offers, it totally impresses the customers to shop within few minutes.

  8. Vishnu says:

    I feel that these five ecommerce companies have struggled hard to occupy this first five positions. There are several ecommerce websites but they were not able to accomplish and satisfy clients as equal to these five companies. They have used various strategies to top the list.

  9. Ranchana says:

    Alibaba and Ebay are also trying rank in first five position. But I guess it takes some time to master in India. They are renowned globally but their reach is yet not all over in India. They are the toppers in their native.

  10. Rahul says:

    I would never recommended Amazon or Shopclues to any person. If you are purchasing electronic equipment via online, you should be really careful. It is best to visit traditional stores and purchase. They show a completely different product from the photograph they have mentioned.

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