How To Start A Freelance Writing Business At Home ?

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November 8, 2019
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December 19, 2020

How To Start A Freelance Writing Business At Home ?

So, you think you can write? If so, there has never been a time like this to begin a career in writing. The market is currently flooded with writing job opportunities and there aren’t enough writers out there to produce the work. If you can put a decent sentence together, you can find a job. If you are thinking of starting a freelance writing business at home, you need to spend some time thinking about the kind of writing you want to do. Right now, there is a huge demand for low-quality, high-volume writing. By focusing on writing articles for websites, you can make a very good living. This type of writing usually consists of turning out articles of between 300 and 500 words, often at a rate of 20 to 50 per day. To do this, not only will you need basic writing skills, but you will need imagination and super typing skills.

If you type less than 50 or 60 words per minute, this might not be the type of writing for you. In fact, in order to do this type of writing, you almost need to be able to type as fast as you can think to make a living. If you want work that takes a little more mind power, there is also a market out there for people who can produce self-help ebooks. This type of writing often pays less per hour than article writing, but can be more rewarding and less repetitive. Employers will pay several hundred dollars per e-book, and often more. A high-paying type of freelance writing is that of grant proposals. In these hard economic times, many organizations are looking for people who can write grant proposals on a regular basis.

This type of writing takes a little more skill and thought, but can be very lucrative. If you are looking for a freelance writing job, there are many places to look. One of the best places to start is, which is a website that connects providers and purchasers in many creative fields. is a website that lists thousands of projects you can bid on – from technical writing to grant writing, creative writing to ghostwriting. You can also try which is a worldwide classified service and often has numerous writing opportunities listed. When thinking of starting a freelance writing business, remember all writing gigs are not Pulitzer Prize entries – some writing will be “cheap and cheerful”. In order to succeed, all you need to do is make the client happy!Share and Enjoy:

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