How To Register Your Company In India?

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How To Register Your Company In India?

How To Register Your Company In India?

There are various legal formalities and procedure to be followed when you start a company in India. Registering your company is essential for establishing a new business. You have to complete the registration process under the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. The registration process is simple, and it must be done online.

The following are the detailed steps that would help to complete the company registration process.

  • Acquire DSC: You must apply for this certificate when you wish to start a business legally. It is possible to register your company only when you possess this certificate. This certificate is required to ensure the authenticity of the documents uploaded during the registration process.
  • Apply For DIN: The directors of your company must apply for a unique director identification number. This number is necessary for registering your company.
  • You can visit the Ministry of Corporate Affairs website and download the form for registering your company.
  • Fill the form and upload the required documents. Once you have submitted the filled form, you would receive an acknowledgment number.
  • The incorporation of the company is done.
  • Follow the above steps for registering your company. When registering your startup company, you must have a clear idea about the types of companies.


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