Spa Industry in India

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Spa Industry in India

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Growth In Spa Industry

The spa industry is observing strong growth and it is expected to develop dynamically by the next decade. The annual disposable income of the individuals and their higher level of health consciousness is increasingly high and has created excellent chances for new and existing entrants in the spa sector. Spa And Massage Treatments have been proved of immense health benefits.

According to the research, China and India are the two fastest growing economies in the world. Both the companies are A Woman Experienced a soothing massage therapy in the leading massage center.developing at fast pace exploring new evolving markets and new class mobility. In India, the spa industry is one of the top economic sub-sector that is experiencing excellent evolution and growth. India is expected to be in the top spot for people who are looking for relaxation and travel services along with wellness packages.

The spa industry in India is increasing year by year and it is one of the top spa destinations in the world. If you are feeling tired or completely exhausted with your day to day pressure and work, you need to consider a spa treatment in India. Enjoy world-class therapies and treatments at one of the best spas in India. Most spas offer wide-ranging options of pampering treatments, which you can treat your body as modest as possible. Spa treatments are best options for healing the mind and body. It does not have any side effects.

Popular Spa Treatments

Every spa in India has their own range of exotic therapies and treatments. Some of the popular spa treatments in India are as follows;

· Pizzichilli
· Drasvasveda Herbal Bath
· Abhyanga Therapy
· Shiro Abhyanga Nasya
· Rakta Mokshana
· Ushmasveda Herbal Steam Bath
· Decoctions
· European Facial
· Dead Sea Mud Treatment
· Facial rejuvenation

The Above massage treatments are from Riverday Spa who are the pioneers of Modernday Spa Industry In India. Special thanks to them for educating the spencerbusinessassociation Team about the different types of massage.

Abhyanga therapy or Snehana is a soft complete body massage performed in lukewarm oil. The massage will be performed A Man experienced an oil massage by professional massage making the person rest on a droni or wooden plank. It is actually made particularly for this massage purpose. The massage mostly depends upon the disease and psychosomatic constitution, specific massage type is selected and performed. The therapist would mix special oils with medicines and herbal essences to improve the massage benefits. It is usually performed by two therapists, which they apply herbal oil all throughout the body and massage gently side by side.

Drasvasveda Herbal Bath is a special kind of treatment that has extensive healing properties. The herbal roots and leaves are boiled together. The healing water is then poured on the body in lukewarm temperature. The therapist would add special ingredients and herbs in the bath for a maximum relaxing and healing results. Facial rejuvenation is the latest non-surgical treatment that helps in reducing wrinkles and lines. Herbal pastes and steams are utilized to smooth the wrinkles and cleanse the skin. It is a short-term treatment that helps in reducing the facial muscles movement and also reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Spa treatment is a wonderful option for people who are extremely health conscious. If you wish to give a treat to your body in an elegant and best manner, indulge in a stimulating spa now.


  1. Raiza says:

    The spa industry has becoming increasingly popular because of the services that it offers to people in terms of rejuvenation and relaxation. All you have to do is to make a booking at a spa for some serious rejuvenation of mind and body.

  2. Hamshi says:

    Many people go through a lot of stress because of the tension between work and everyday life. It goes without saying that the best possible massage in a spa is one in which completely helps you to relax and rejuvenate.

  3. Vasu says:

    Getting a massage at a spa will not only work wonders for your body, but it is a great stress buster, relaxing all the tense muscles. No matter what is one’s profession, a massage is a great way to get your body back into form.

  4. Zamin says:

    The best thing about the spa industry is the massage therapy is that it is able to reduce the effects of stress on the body to a great extent. Massage therapy reduces the risks associated with stress which include constant fatigue, anxiety, disorders in digestion, and so on.

  5. Charu says:

    Another benefit of massage therapy at a spa is the feel-good factor, and this can go a long way in boosting the immune system of the body. While massage therapy has become more and more popular after becoming increasingly demanded, there are many variations to it.

  6. Chameli says:

    India is always famous for Ayurvedic and spa treatments. It is the reason many foreigners visiting India for a short trip or vacation ensure to take up spa treatments. There are various resorts and specialized spa centers that helps to give you a relaxed feel.

  7. Veera says:

    The spa treatments will be mentioned on the menu of each spa center. It is important to check what they offer and how it remains beneficial to you. Nowadays, spa is attached to the salon and it is provided as an extra service along with makeup and haircuts.

  8. Viswam says:

    Deep tissue massage is the most famous spa treatments in India. It is highly preferred for relaxation and rejuvenation. It helps you to feel completely relaxed. Most techniques and movements would remain similar to Swedish massage. It is an effective treatment for back pain.

  9. Vimal says:

    I was suffering with severe body pain especially back pain. After taking the Swedish massage, I was able to feel completely relieved and relaxed. The massage treatment are highly effective especially for people suffering with severe pain, body ache and muscular tension.

  10. Manoga says:

    My job involves travelling most times of the day. I was experiencing severe body pain. I was not able to perform my job up to the mark. I wanted a complete rejuvenation and decided to take massage treatment. It was really effective.

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