Trends In The Jewellery Industry

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Trends In The Jewellery Industry

The trends in jewellery industry keep on changing as years progress. The love for jewels and new, innovative designs are just the ones that remains constant! The Diamond Jewellery industry is also no different. The various new trends make us go wow! The new range of awe-inspiring patterns and intricate designs makes any girl go weak on her knees! Check out to know how 2017 was finished off with style by the popular jewellers. Let us take a look at the upcoming trends in the jewellery industry in the coming years:

Shoot of Sales In Peer To Peer Market
Peer to peer market is already one of the greatest trends, and it is sure to increase even more in the coming years. Nowadays buying and selling pre-owned jewellery is easier than before. More and more people resort to it as the sellers get a much more deserving price for their underused jewels. Buyers also get jewels at a far better price than they get in the markets. Though this section will never overtake the retail sector, it surely will grab a large slice of profits from the jewellery market.

The Demand For Handmade Jewels Goes High!
Jewels are expressions of love, beauty and elegance. An artistically talented person can create poetry on jewels. The immense talent of artisans can never be replaced by machines or technology. Also, people, in general, have a special liking for handmade jewels. The younger generation often prefers handmade jewels over machine made ones as they give a more authentic and precious feel to the jewel. Hence, people, in general, are willing to pay more price to get handmade jewels.

Increase In Popularity Of International Brands
The coming years will be witness to the increased popularity of international brands. People are nowadays choosier and are not willing to compromise on their jewellery choices. They are now even looking for international mega-brands and opting for the jewels crafted by them even if it costs more than the local brands. The brand value and brand image also play an important role while choosing jewels. Cross-border fashion is in vague, and customers are exploring more choices in patterns and designs as they wish to stand apart from the rest and get unique jewel pieces.

Social Responsibility Makes A Mark!
Customers nowadays give more preference to jewellers who are socially responsible and offer verifiable products sourced legally. They are more likely to inquire whether the jewels are used ones or brand-new ones.

Middle Market Consolidation
The current and future trends depict the increased interests of younger customers to get top branded products that are sourced responsibly. This can lead to a bit of difficulty for the middle market to withstand the race. This can lead to a great price based competition among the jewellers in that sector. It can lead to a consolidation of the middle market. Consolidation can greatly benefit the regional as well as local brands.

These are some of the upcoming trends in the jewellery industry. The customers are going to be choosier and opt for high-quality products with unique designs and intricate patterns. So, the jewellers also have to pucker up and produce awe-inspiring products to catch the whims and fancies of customers if they aim to stay ahead of the race.

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